The Urn Fairies and other Winter Tales

Two weeks into December and so much has happened already!
We created a lot of winter urns in the neighbourhood and beyond. My Dad sent me a quote of a slip-up on the radio that Heather Bambrick said one morning: “and this evening, flowers, uh that’s flurries and/or showers…” and I laughed because that was exactly what creating urns was like; we never knew what was coming next, snow or rain or beautiful weather, and it was always mixed up with lots of greenery. We spent a lot of time in our ridiculously huge rain pants. There were many days when we were each wearing two rain coats (one on top of the other), our big rain pants, rubber boots, rubber gloves over finger gloves, scarves and tuques. Never have we looked so silly on a job. At least… not since last winter!
One sweet gentleman greeted us at the door with, “Ah-ha! The urn fairies have arrived!”
So, here are some of the things the urn fairies brought:

We were also commissioned to build a small forest outside Club Monaco. 

They revamped the store for the holiday season, and it looks gorgeous! Using items like leather-bound books, a rope banister, driftwood, terrariums, and many other touches they’ve created a decor that is all the best of Club Monaco – simple, elegant, and rooted in everyday life.

Outside is a variety of evergreen trees and holly bushes. In fact, when the head office of Club Monaco saw the first instalment of trees we had put out front, they immediately said, “Double it!”

So we did.                      

Back indoors things haven’t been so quite either. The store is all a-twinkle with lights
(the holidays are so pretty at night). It’s filled with holiday traditionals, such as cypress tress, cyclamen, poinsettias, amaryllis, frosty ferns, azaleas, and paperwhites. Ornaments gleam from every hook, and every nook and cranny is filled. We’ve been busily been creating plant baskets, wreaths, fresh arrangements of seasonal greens, and floral arrangements.

The backyard garden centre is filled with seasonal greens, garland, wreaths, branches, and more. In short, it’s filled with everything you could need to decorate the outside of your house, except paint and christmas lights.

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2 thoughts on “The Urn Fairies and other Winter Tales

  1. Ooooh, I so miss Christmas greenery, and the pine sap, and the cracked hands….
    Seriously, I really do. It does not seem like Christmas on the beach, so I shall have to live the experience through you.

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